Friday, February 17, 2012

Bob Solow versus Pythagoras

Some theories in physics posit that anything that possibly can happen, will happen, somewhere in the Multiverse. My colleague Denvil Duncan and I argue in a new 1.25 page essay that there must be a universe where Nobel prize winning economist Bob Solow discovers the Pythagorean Theorem. Abstract:
This essay demonstrates the full range and potential contributions economists have to offer many academic disciplines. We argue that in the absence of a formula which identifies the length of the hypotenuse on a right-triangle, known today as the Pythagorean theorem, economists would have eventually discovered it. In the absence of the traditional mathematical proof, chances are good that it would have become known as Solow's theorem, an equation which would have predicted the hypotenuse without residual.
Economists who have ever rolled their eyes at charges of economic imperialism will enjoy.

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