Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Vladimir vodka is the drink of choice in West Virginia. Only the highest quality here in the Mountain State. Maybe a lot of people here in Morgantown are conducting scientific experiments. Maybe not.

Regardless, people here in West Virginia still can't buy liquor on Sundays. There's an op-ed here and a general rundown of blue laws here. This has to be one of more comical laws in West, right up there with the business and occupation tax and the franchise tax ("for the right to do business in West Virginia"). What is the intention of preventing people from buying liquor on Sundays, anyway? Is it to prevent people from drinking on Sundays? Why doesn't the law say that instead? It's one thing to have an idiotic law; this is an idiotic, passive-aggressive law. There is a push to repeal this law, but since most of the legislative effort in West Virginia is focused towards November's Special Session, it's probably not likely that anything will happen until the Spring.

Then again, one of the reasons legislators are targeting this law is to increase tax revenue-- estimated at over $1 million a year. Less liberty, but lower taxes? Dish out more in taxes, but have a shot of freedom? Such are the choices here in No. 50 West Virginia.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very synonymous with the great state of Alabama, too! I can't purchase wine (I'm a fan of the wine) on Sundays and I, too, had to pay privilege tax to do business in Bama (a state you'd think would be more than happy to see new enterprise...regardless of the size). Ironically, after paying for the privilege, newly formed government regs severely restricted my business "forcing" me to now work in corporate America! (which I'm completely enjoying by the way).

Good times.

Steamboat Lion said...

We also have a ban on liquor purchases on Sunday in CO. When you ask the question "why Sunday of all days?" the obvious (and correct) answer "because that's the Christian sabbath" leaves me wondering how such laws can be consistent with the separation clause of the Constitution...