Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Millionaires in your state

In need of a quick Econometrics paper? There's plenty to be done with this.

I think only Mississippi undercuts the Mountain State, but I only clicked on the light colored ones I could discern from the white background. (And why the avant-garde arrangement?) Also-- I wonder how much of an impact Wal-Mart has on Arkansas? Rate-wise, I think Hawaii is on top-- California, of course, dominates by sheer volume.

Edited: A classmate of mine from South Africa has informed me that The Perfect Substitute in Afrikaans is Die Perfekte Plaasvervanger. So, you know, TPS or DPP. Either way.


Anonymous said...

From the GMU page about its Dept. of Economics:

"Recently Tyler Cowen has won acclaim for his work on the econmics of fame and also for for his work showing that free markets promote art."

We should be noticing lots more art coming out of Texas and Florida (notice all those millionaires), given Cowen's "distinguished" work on free markets and art.

Anonymous said...

For a good laugh:


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