Sunday, April 15, 2007

Global Warming Update

I believe we've posted here about global warming before, but a few things I'd like to pass along:

- I can try to be humorous about this subject, but nothing I write is going to be able to hold a candle to this. Here's the short of it: Global warming is the new terrorist.

- The Heartland Institute has been proactive on the topic in recent weeks; scroll down a little on the front page.

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research has been thrown into the global warming fray after they reported that Al Gore uses a good amount of electricity himself-- more than 20 times the national average, in fact. Evidently, Gore supporters weren't too pleased with press release. I guess they'd have to be-- admitting that it's alright someone (even Al Gore) to purchase however much electricity they want would undermine their position of believing they have the right to tell everyone else what and how much to consume. I've dined with TCPR's president, Drew Johnson, a couple of times and he's a great guy that does consistently great work. He even landed John Stossel!

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