Monday, January 28, 2008

Gamblers' paradise

Want to bet on Super Bowl XLII? Yes you do. (That's a moderately sized .pdf, so be patient.) Courtesy of Rob Holub, who wants to emphasize that all wagers are for recreational purposes only. Naturally.

And if I had to pick 5-- for recreational purposes only, of course-- I'd go with:

Total Touchdowns scored in game: 6.5, under
Total Sacks by both teams: 4, over
Jersey number of player to score 1st touchdown: 43.5, over
Giants total rushing yards: 105.5, over
Eli Manning, what will he throw first (TD vs. INT): Interception, 115

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rolub said...

just so you don't delete my email when i'm right!

jersey number of first player to score TD at43.5: 4 receivers in the bunch (Stallworth, Gafney, Burress, and S. Smith) sport numbers in the teens. All kick returners have numbers below 43.5 except for
Bradshaw. In fact, I am certain they picked that number based on the fact Bradshaw is 44. RB, the
Under favors Jacobs, Maroney, and Faulk vs. Bradshaw for the overs. WR, it's R. Moss, S. Moss, Welker, Toomer for the OVERS vs. Burress, S. Smith, Gafney, Stallworth
for the UNDERS... TEs are all overs. DBs and safeties making picks for TDs all go to the unders. Basically, if you're betting OVER, might as well just take R. Moss or Welker as individuals to score first TD... better value, in my opinion.