Monday, February 11, 2008

Bluefields: Heaven on Earth?

TPS stalwart Thomas Johnson sent forward a fantastic piece about Bluefields, a coastal community in Nicaragua that benefits from bales of cocaine washing ashore due to Colombian smugglers dumping them when pursued by US Drug Enforcement officials. Even better: The Nicaraguan government considers the area an autonomous region, so they pretty much leave them be to fend for themselves. There are, quite honestly, a dissertation's worth of angles to take with this story if everything in the piece is accurate. This has to be the most interesting article I've read in a while. There's actually four pages to that article, so click is well worth the read.

My favorite lines:
The police and Navy have few resources and less trust from the local public. Bluefields is effectively an anarchist nation - no Government, no organised institutions and the rules are made by community groups. Given the massive amount of cocaine in town, violence is surprisingly rare.
(Insert your "looking for $20 bills on the beach" joke here.)

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