Thursday, December 11, 2008

File this under...famous babies, album cover edition

If you love free markets and you love Nirvana (Dana, that's you), then you'll love this bit on Spencer Elden, the now-seventeen-year-old who was the famous baby on the cover of Nevermind.

My favorite:

"Stuff happens like random cool situations where I get paid $500 just to go hang out," Elden said. "People just call me up and they're like, 'Hey you're the Nirvana baby, right? Well just come and swim in my pool and we'll give you some money.' "

And who said that one's lifetime income doesn't have at least a little bit of a stochastic element to it?

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danarch said...

He's been in the news a lot lately. Apparently, he recreated the cover (wearing swim trunks this time) and I guess is starting to enjoy being that kid on the cover. I heard his parents only got like $200 for letting their baby pose.