Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inexpensive High Speed Hits Africa

A new undersea cable brings East Africa high speed internet. CNN reports:
"This is going to reduce the cost of doing business in Africa, within Africa and with international parties" said Suveer Ramdhani, SEACOM spokesman in South Africa.

"The cable is as thin as a hair strand and in one second it can download the same amount of data that 160 people use in a month."

SEACOM, privately funded and 75 percent African owned, will provide retail carriers with open source access to inexpensive bandwidth.

It has taken less than three years to complete the mammoth project, providing landing stations at South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar and other points along the east coast of Africa.
In other words, expect more spam in the inbox.

I stayed in South Africa for 4.5 months in 2007 and found the internet connection superior to my hometown.


Steamboat Lion said...

I don't know where in South Africa you stayed, but I spent a lot of time in and around Johannesburg/Pretoria in the past 18 months, and found the internet abysmal, compared to my town of 10,000 people in Northwest Colorado...

Will Luther said...

I was in Cape Town for the most part. And I didn't use the internet when I traveled the Eastern coast.