Friday, October 02, 2009

2009 Gus Rankings: Week 4

I apologize for the late release (blame the travel), but here are the Gus Rankings for Week 4.

A few brief notes:

- As expected, the variation in scores continues to increase. The top of the list, Iowa and Virginia Tech, have 7 points, and there is a consistent spread all the way to -5 points. Ties in points and record are becoming less frequent; Gus produces individual rankings for the top 7 teams.

- Washington is still strong despite two losses; USC's success and, more surprisingly, Idaho's success-- three wins each-- are driving their high ranking. Of the two games they've lost-- Stanford and LSU-- only Stanford has lost one other game.

Playing successful teams is how you do well in this ranking system. Washington, at 2 losses, is ranked higher than 9 other teams that don't have a D-IA loss yet.

- Rice has taken a sizable lead as the team #120, with -8 points, three "ahead" of #119 at -5 points. Rice hasn't won any games this year, so the following statement holds for the Owls: Rice has lost four games to D-IA opponents that, combined, have lost 8 other games to D-IA teams. Rice is one degree of separation from 12 losses only 4 weeks into the season.

- I didn't realize this until recently, but the Gus rankings also serve as a quick check to determine bowl eligibility, since only D-IA games count. Get to 6 wins and you're eligible!


Marshall said...

Rice (my alma mater) is on track to have one of the biggest record drops from one season to the next in D1A history. Rice was 10-3 last year and is bad enough this year to lose the rest of their games (there is little doubt Rice will lose their next three games - vs Tulsa, vs Navy, at ECU).

The current worst drop - Tulane 12-0 in '98 and 3-8 in '99.

Will Luther said...

The Wolverines are going to plummet in the Gus rankings this week, losing to Mich State who lost to Central Michigan... ouch!