Thursday, November 05, 2009

File this under: Lobbying, BCS-style

We all know lobbying in the Capitol Hill sense, but concept need not stop there. Anytime someone is in a decision-making position that has monetary consequences we can expect some political efforts.

Today's example? The Western Athletic Conference on behalf of one of its members, Boise State University.

The Western Athletic Conference is using Boise-based PR firm Scott Peyron & Associates to help Boise State's football team in its push for a BCS bowl.

The firm was put on a monthly retainer this summer to help promote Boise State as a legitimate participant in a BCS bowl should it go undefeated regardless of whether another nonautomatic qualifying school is ranked ahead of it.

But you'd think that the WAC would want the most favorable treatment possible for Boise State, right? This year, as opposed to previous seasons, Boise State can claim a large-scale marquee victory (over the University of Oregon). They deserve a spot as much as any other undefeated team, right?

The WAC doesn't care where Boise State gets into the BCS, just that it gets a spot.

Alas, the payment for a spot in the BCS is the same whether you play in the title game or one of the four supporting bowls.

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