Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Pursuit of Justice: The Law and Economics of Legal Institutions

The editor is San Jose State economist and DOL blogger Ed Lopez. You can buy the book here. I haven't read it, but I had the pleasure of sitting in on a West Virginia University seminar with Ed several years ago when it was still in the editing phase and found it fascinating. I have never been able to take seriously the show CSI since that time. Here are the Table of Contents:

An Introduction to the Pursuit of Justice--Edward J. Lopez
The Rise of Government Law Enforcement in England--Nicholas Currott
Electoral Pressures and the Legal System: Friends or Foes?--Russell S. Sobel
Romancing Forensics: Legal Failure in Forensic Science Administration--Roger G. Koppl
Judicial Checks on Corruption--Adriana Cordis
Effects of Judicial Selection on Criminal Sentencing--Aleksandar Tomic
Economic Development Takings as Government Failure--Ilya Somin
On the Impossibility of “Just Compensation” When Property is Taken--John Br├Ątland
The Lawyer-Judge Hypothesis--Benjamin H. Barton
Class Action Rent Extraction--Jeffrey Haymond
Cy Pres and its Predators--Charles N. W. Keckler
Licensing Lawyers: Failure in the Provision of Legal Services--Adam B. Summers

(And No Uncle Sam, I got nothing for this post.)

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