Friday, May 07, 2010

Weather Forecasts

A colleague of mine, Antony Davies, sends along this information about Pittsburgh's upcoming weather:

Weatherbug says the prob of rain from 9:00 to midnight is 96%. says the prob of rain from 9:00 to midnight is 10%.

I've always thought that weather forecasts were biased towards poorer weather-- if there's to be error, you'd rather it in that direction-- but that is a remarkable spread.

Does anyone know of any systematic studies on weather forecasts and bias?


doclawson said...

Dan Sutter's done loads of work on the political economy of weather forecasting.

Anonymous said...

This guy tracked the forecasts of the four local news stations' weather forecasts for 7 months and compared them to NOAA's forecast and the actual weather.

Anonymous said...

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