Monday, June 21, 2010

Television Future

The Economist recently had a special report on television; I thought the best pieces were these two, though you can find more of them easily at the Economist's page. They raise an interesting question: Television is looking like it's coming upon some tough times, how will it make it through? But, as the Economist notes, we've heard this story before with television and TV's as strong as ever. I had never really considered the vitality and mutability of television but it's important to note.

On the other end of the spectrum, here's CNN preaching the end of television.


Unknown said...

It's just frustrating that television remains on what is basically a broadcast model, even though technology makes that unnecessary. What's the point of time slots when cable could be 100% on demand? Why do you need to record things on DVR when they could just make them available at whatever time you want to watch them in the first place?

Eventually it's all going to just come through the net, and the cable will be a dumb pipe that connects us to the net and nothing more.

Justin Ross said...

@ Adam