Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Panther's "Name Your Own Price" Ticket: My Two Theories of Rent Extraction

From Wired:
To counteract that wave, the Panthers are trying out a bold, new season ticket-selection process called Perfect Plan. The system is ridiculously simple: Fans need only pick out an area within BankAtlantic Center and propose a per-game price for a specific seat. Then, within 24 hours, someone from the team will notify them to either accept their “bid,” reject it, or offer them a seat elsewhere in the arena for a price similar to what they offered.
I think this system of pricing will turn out perform two functions for the Panthers:
  1. It will serve as a mechanism for extracting an anchoring rent. People will propose a price, which will be anchored in their mind when they are offered an alternative seat with lower value.
  2. It will put ticket scalpers into a position for falling victim to the winner's curse. I suspect this somehow is aided by the recent ban on scalpers from using software bots to purchase tickets online, but I'm not sure on the mechanism.

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Matt E. Ryan said...

From the sound of it, the team hasn't offered anything; what better way to perfectly segment the market than have consumers derive the demand curve and have the Panthers reject all offers below marginal cost?

It'd be fun to see the evolution of accepted and rejected offers.