Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010 Gus Rankings: Week 7

Ahead of today's initial BCS Rankings, here are this week's Gus Rankings.

A few notes:

- The top two teams this week-- Auburn and LSU-- square off next Saturday. Gus likes Auburn.

- Oregon, anticipated to be the #1 team in the human polls any minute now, is the lowest ranked undefeated team in the Gus Rankings, at #30 with 6 points. Many remember the win over Stanford (good for 4 points), but wins over Arizona State (1), Tennessee (1), New Mexico (0) and Washington State (0) don't help too much.

- On the other end of the spectrum, San Jose State sits at 0-5 but with -3 points, easily the highest rated team without a win at #78. Of course, those five losses-- to Wisconsin (lose 1 point), Utah (0), Nevada (1), Boise State (0) and Alabama (1) -- don't hurt too much.

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