Saturday, March 12, 2011

How the NFL labor situation will play itself out

As I'm not a lawyer nor a legal scholar, how the NFL labor situation stands to evolve is rather confusing to me. This article lays out the road ahead. Does this make it any less confusing? Maybe a little. But at least it's all in one place.

As with the sentiments of this blog, we can only hope the Congress gets involved.

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Will Luther said...

From the article: "It's not unfathomable to think that President Obama would eventually get involved, not by forcing any action by the NFL or NFLPA, but by using the power of the Presidency to pressure both parties to stop being so selfish. He could end up playing a huge role here, and with the 2012 re-election campaign gearing up, the timing may be ripe for that."

If the President gets involved, the economy might see a Lewinsky bump.