Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012 Gus Rankings: Week 2

Welcome to this year's installment of the Gus Rankings! As in years past, we'll be providing our own ranking system for college football; you can find a rundown of the methodology here.

Per the system, it's impossible to generate a ranking after one week of Week 2 is the first ranking of the year.  And Gus opines that the best two teams in the land thus far are...Iowa State and UCLA.  Both have a maximum Week 2 score of 2 points; namely, each team has won both games, and each team that they have defeated has won their other game as well.

And it only took two weeks for Gus to determine the worst team in the country!  The University of Akron comes in at -2 points, the lowest score possible.  In the converse of above, each team that Akron has lost to also lost their other game of the season.

For those interested, the Fighting Justin Rosses (Indiana) come in at a tidy #29, tied with board favorite West Virginia.

You can find the Week 2 rankings here.

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