Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 Gus Rankings: Gus+ Week 7

Here are this week's Gus Rankings.  A few notes:

- Georgia, at 4-2, still finds themselves at the top of the rankings.  Let's see how that's possible.  First off, both of their losses came to  teams that themselves have no losses.  So, no points to be lost there.  On top of that, one of their losses-- their first-- was close, by three points to Clemson.  A three point loss is actually a 23.8% win-- so Georgia receives a little less than a point (for this week, anyway-- these are flexible by week).  Their loss last weekend, to Missouri, was by 15 points and thus yielded a victory of just a shade under 1%-- but since Missouri also has no losses, Georgia gained about .03 points for that loss as well.

Interestingly, Georgia's overtime victory over Tennessee-- which Gus+ denotes as a 50% win and a 50% loss, yielded Georgia exactly 0 points this week (though provided the Volunteers with 0.5 points).

- Much the same could be said of LSU as well, as they find themselves at #2 with a loss to their record.  Their setback, to Georgia in fact, was by 3 points, and also counted as a 23.8% victory.  Because Georgia is not unblemished, on net this loss costs LSU about 0.8 points this week, but may well be a positive on net should Georgia continue to win football games.


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