Sunday, May 03, 2009

Recork and Top Off

I stumbled across a very interesting article on recorking. I was not aware, for example, that recorked bottles are often topped off. My tastes are not so sophisticated as to require a $50,000 bottle of wine, so I don't think it is too much of an issue for me. (I do think I could distinguish between dog food and pâté, but maybe I am just overconfident.)

I found this particularly interesting:
According to Scott Torrence, vice president of Christie's wine experts program in Los Angeles, which helped Penfolds certify wines at the San Francisco event, adding wine from a different vintage is much more accepted in America than overseas. "In Europe most people who attend these types of events are either investors or wine merchants. Here in America, most are collectors who just want to make sure the wine is still drinkable."
See! Europeans are only interested making money. We Americans just want to enjoy the wine.

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