Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Assorted thoughts

- Beer prices are going up; market forces pushing prices upwards shouldn't upset you as much as taxes doing the same thing. (Here's looking at you, Alaska.)

- Here is an interesting article on craigslist and it's founder, Craig Newmark. The article focuses too much on the zero-price aspect to explain their success instead of the network effects, but I was surprised to learn that he's given away large portions of the ownership of the company (though it's privately held and thus unverifiable).

- Here's a survey on democracy in Ethiopia; many of the answers seemed double-peaked to me, and the accusations of ethnic bias shouldn't be taken lightly-- though perhaps the former helps disprove the latter. Like the World Values Survey, is anyone else surprised that those giving the survey can find a healthy number of people willing to spend hours filling these out?

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