Saturday, August 08, 2009

We've moved!

No, not from the web address you're used to coming to, but the authors have had a high degree of mobility in the last few months. From the list at right, we are no longer directly connected to West Virginia University (Justin graduated last year, and I did the same this spring) or Appalachian State University (Claudia was an Assistant Professor there last year).

In their place, we've picked up New York University (Claudia begins this fall as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Development Research Institute) and Duquesne University (I begin this fall as an Assistant Professor). Also, when the blog started in December 2005, David was an undergrad at San Jose State University-- where I met him and TPS started. He finished at San Jose State in the spring of 2006 and headed east to George Mason. Well, we've now come full circle back to our roots-- Emily begins this fall as an Assistant Professor at...San Jose State!

(The unmoved over the summer are Justin at Indiana University, and both David and Will at George Mason University.)

The appropriate links are at right. I've decided to order the links by accrued tenure here at TPS. David is beginning his fourth year at George Mason, and both Will and Emily have added years to the running tally-- this tops the list. From there, Justin's year at Indiana University places it second. David's one semester at San Jose State puts it third, and Duquesne University and New York University are new to TPS.

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