Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What are Frowning Economic Educators?

I'll take "Jeopardy! Contestants Don't Know Economists" for 500, Alex.

Do you think this will affect Matt's love for Jeopardy?

[HT: Boettke]

Funny personal story below the fold.


Art Carden said...

Awesome. I'm showing this before class tomorrow.

rolub said...

I texted Matt minutes before the category came up. I figured his lack of response was due to utter frustration and not being away from a TV.

Steven Horwitz said...

Whoa, economists AND hockey quotes!? Damn, like that old episode of Cheers, this was my DREAM board!

Matt E. Ryan said...

Matt's lack of response came from the fact that he'd just got back from traveling and was going through previous episodes. :)

I thought they wouldn't get to the category at all! The champion at the time was a serious 4-corners player. Never thought the clock would be a factor in Jeopardy.

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