Tuesday, December 01, 2009

2009 Gus Rankings: Week 13

Here are this week's Gus Rankings. Texas keeps the top spot, but should relent the position next week to the winner of Florida and Alabama regardless of their performance. The winner of the SEC title game adds 11, compared to Texas' potential 9 point gain, and both Florida and Alabama stand to gain an additional point if Florida International wins their game against Florida Atlantic.

Random fun fact: There are no one-loss teams in the Gus Rankings, nor in I-A college football.

At this point, the four BCS at-large teams, according to Gus, are the Florida/Alabama loser, TCU, Boise State and Iowa (with Texas, Oregon and Cincinnati winning their respective games). If those teams win, I do think those are the four that will be selected. Of course, that's a big if when dealing with 20-year olds and a lot of pressure. Check back next week to see how it all shakes out. But at this point, Gus predicts the following:

Championship: Alabama/Florida winner vs. Texas
Rose: Oregon (Oregon State) vs. Ohio State
Fiesta: TCU vs. Iowa
Sugar: Alabama/Florida loser vs. Boise State
Orange: Cincinnati (Pittsburgh) vs. Georgia Tech

Gus would likely suggest Cincinnati for an at-large position if they lose--taking Iowa's spot--though I (surprisingly) haven't heard much on this margin from those in the know.

Should be interesting to see how it all falls!

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