Monday, February 15, 2010

A Plea for Economic Freedom: Gilmore Girls Edition

Destiny decided that my wife would start watching Gilmore Girls just so that I would get to see this scene (no video as far as I can tell):

LUKE: I look at a thousand apartments, I choose yours. How is that possible?

TAYLOR: Well, count yourself lucky, you. With me as the owner, there is a level of quality control that is sorely lacking in this town. For example, at all my properties, we measure the grass before, during, and after mowing to attain a perfect inch and a half height, which is both pleasing to the eye and good for the grass.

LUKE: All of your properties?

TAYLOR: Ten in all.

LUKE: Ten properties? What are you, buying up the town?

TAYLOR: Not yet, but someday – who knows?

LUKE: But why isn’t anyone stopping you?

TAYLOR: Because, my friend, people are lazy. They don’t wanna think about the proper fabric for an awning or the correct historical color for a building. They just slap any old thing up on a wall and sleep like babies. But soon, hopefully, the city council will put an end to that.

LUKE: Taylor, you cannot tell people what color to paint their buildings!

TAYLOR: Well, someone has to.

LUKE: No, they don’t. We don’t live in a fascist country.

TAYLOR: Oh, this isn’t about the fascists – who, by the way, had their faults but their parks were spotless.

LUKE: I have to get out of here.

It goes on, but you get the idea.

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