Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 Gus Rankings: Week 2

Here are the first Gus Rankings of the 2010 season.

Of note:

- No team has two points, which is the same as last year. I think this is a fairly strong piece of evidence that teams don't want to maximize the quality of opponents early in the season, independent of what coaches or athletic directors may say. Yes, there is a factor out of your control in getting to 2 points through Week 2, but you'd expect that to wash out over multiple teams sitting at 2-0. You'd think someone would get there if enough teams tried to.

-Three teams-- Arizona State, Ball State and Indiana (Hi Justin!)-- have yet to play a FBS opponent.

- Gus has slated Eastern Michigan and UAB as the worst teams through only two weeks of games.


doclawson said...

I think there are some data problems Matt. For example, Ohio U lost to Toledo but you have OU 1-0 and Toledo 0-2.

Matt E. Ryan said...

Thank you, Bob-- I got that one reversed. I've updated the file. If anyone else sees anything that looks off, please leave a note and I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Are you planning on posting week 3 before the week 4 games?

Anonymous said...

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