Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 Gus Rankings: Week 6

Here's the Gus Rankings for Week 6. LSU tops the list, followed by Auburn, Michigan State and Oklahoma at #3, and Boise State and TCU at #5.

The lowest ranked undefeated team? Utah, coming in at #29. And that's just five spots ahead of the highest ranked team with a losing record, Iowa State, the team they just defeated last weekend.

Bringing up the rear? Again, the Mean Green of North Texas prove to be tough to dislodge from the bottom of the list.


siredge said...

I'm a data analyst at work, so I'm curious- how do you produce the Gus rankings?

Matt E. Ryan said...

Actually generate it week by week, or the methodology behind it? The former is Excel, the latter is easy enough to find if you search "Gus Rankings" and find one of the earliest posts.

Justin M Ross said...

siredge said...

I meant actual technology (Excel) it sounds like. Sorry for not being clear.

Do you just have track it manually or does it have VB code or lookups or pivottables or something?

Matt E. Ryan said...

At this point, it's just tracked manually-- thus my frequent requests for others finding any errors. Though it should be noted that errors don't tend to be terribly contagious-- an error creates a small ripple (if a mis-stated win or loss amount) or affects only one team (if there's a connection problem with who they have defeated). So while I'd say it's unlikely to be flawless, I do take efforts to double check-- and what's presented weekly is likely very close to what it actually should be.

Also-- collecting the games manually eventually needs to be done, as this fits into an existing framework for a future paper or two on rankings bias, based on the intriguing work of co-blogger Justin Ross.

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