Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Gus Rankings: Week 12

Here are this week's Gus Rankings.

At this point, it's fun to take a look and see how Gus would situate the teams for the BCS bowls. Following as best as I can from the selection procedures, here's how Gus would place the teams (highest ranked conference team assumed conference champion, and highest ranked team picked for each bowl in order of choice):

National Championship Game: Auburn vs. TCU
Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oregon
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia
Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Boise State
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Michigan State

As a side note, check the following: "For the games of January 2011 through 2014, the first year the Rose Bowl loses a team to the National Championship Game and a team from the non-AQ group is an automatic qualifier, that non-AQ team will play in the Rose Bowl."

If Oregon were to play TCU (or Boise State) in the National Championship game, does this require that the Rose Bowl pick Boise State (or TCU) for the Rose Bowl? The way I'm reading this is I don't think they are required to do so, but I'm curious what else has been said of the issue. It's not terribly clear on the situation when the non-AQ team ends up in the National Championship Game.

Addendum: I had forgotten the Big East champion-- projections are modified.

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Anonymous said...

Michigan State Rose Bowl...Ohio State Orange bowl...otherwise, I agree.