Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Re: Thoughts on Jeopardy! and Watson

I heard via the Scott Van Pelt Show that Watson crashed several times during the taping of the first episode--so many times, in fact, that it took 4 hours to complete the round. Wow. Not impressed. Matt is our resident Jeopardy! expert. But I imagine that the average human contestant could not delay the game for this amount of time.

I can only imagine the fatigue that comes with four hours of waiting for Watson to reboot. This could be a decisive advantage to the computer. Thoughts?


Unknown said...

Apparently the problem wasn't with Watson, but with the interface between Watson and the Jeopardy computer. Not sure if that makes it better.

Matt E. Ryan said...

That is interesting...I hadn't heard that. I think the waiting around doing nothing might be annoying-- but they generally tape a week's worth of Jeopardy in an afternoon, so at least in Jennings' case being occupied in "Jeopardy mode" all day shouldn't be a large detriment.

Will Luther said...

But that's just it: Jennings isn't in "Jeopardy mode" all day. He's in the mode. Then he has to wait around for a reboot. Then he gets a rhythm going again. But wait--pause for another reboot.