Monday, June 08, 2009

Becker and Posner on health care

Becker and Posner have had a nice conversation on health care; for those of you who, like myself, find the issue almost burdensome to become educated about, it's a nice jumping off point. I particularly like Becker's easy dismissal of looking at life expectancy as a metric for health care success, as well as the alternative of looking at disease survival rates. I would also agree with his implyied assertion that the best solution, in terms of solutions that might actually see the light of political day, would be some sort of health savings account, which aligns the proper incentives for economization on the demand side and efificiency on the supply side.

By the lofty standards provided by Becker and Posner, we here at TPS have quite a way to go with our "discusssions" threads!

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