Monday, June 08, 2009

File this outcomes you don't get in America

One of the lessons of winner-take-all American democracy is that extreme candidates don't have much of a chance. After all, if we stick to the median voter model, those that gravitate towards the middle have the most success. The median voter model, of course, misses a number of significant nuances of the American political process, but considering its simplicity, it's pretty descriptive of the goings on here, and is still a great jumping off point.

Now, the model describes American politics-- remember, winner-takes-all. What happens with proportional representative, i.e., a parliamentary system? Well, extreme parties can end up with some seats in the legislature. Extreme parties like the Pirate Party in big parliaments like the European Union.

Here's the Pirate Party's home page, and here are the Pirate Party's Declaration of Principles. I'm searching for some Pirate Party swag because this is a party I think I can get on-board with-- pardon the pun.

The real question, of course: Should Pete Leeson fill the seat?

Addendum: Here's the Pirate Party USA site.

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