Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Interesting lines that spur my interest...

So far only Denmark has taken the radical step of indexing the pensionable age to life expectancy.
Say what you will about Scandinavian countries and their take on the government's role in the economy and its results-- and there's quite a lot to talk about-- but perhaps it is a greater reliance on the public sector that allows for more ingenuity in public programs? Does an economy more dependent on the private sector relegate itself to a more vanilla public sector?

That quote is from this week's Economist, in the intro to this week's section on ageing.


Justin M Ross said...

I think that these countries are small, also have something to do with it. Tiebout theory pertains to small, homogeneous communities...sounds Scandinavian to me!

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I think that every State has an specific way to proceed but I think the Denmark's radical step of indexing the pensionable age to life expectancy was perfect, I support that idea.