Wednesday, November 04, 2009

DMV Day: Pennsylvania Edition

We here at TPS seem to provide anecdotes in all their DMV glory. Claudia talked about a visit here, I provided one here, and Justin seems destined for a life of frustration.

Nothing too outlandish this time around, though I did enjoy the back-of-the-envelope calculation that can come from it. The entire experience took about 75 minutes, as my name had a typo (understandable, since my name is particularly difficult to spell) and I had to do the whole process over again, but it took 45 minutes to be called to the front in the first place. When I got my automated ticket, it mentioned that my estimated wait time was 11 minutes. They were free to estimate any time they wanted, take into consideration any factors they felt important, and even bias it to make themselves look better. But they were still off by a considerable margin!

Government production: 4 to 5 times more inefficient than even their own estimates.

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Unknown said...

I work for a government office and its really not that easy. Patience is really a virtue. You guys need to understand people working for DMV Pennsylvania .