Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Morality of the Market

TPS stalwart Rob Holub lets us know that The University of Wisconsin takes a strong stance on the issue.

I think I'm changing my understanding of these situations; I don't think it's a dislike of the secondary market, per se, as much as it's a dislike of there's-a-deal-to-be-had-and-I'm-not-in-on-it. I feel this because if the University of Wisconsin were to auction off the tickets from the get go-- thereby effectively eliminating the secondary market-- the same vitriol would be directed at the University. (Though the perception of a deal to be had would change.)

There are few stronger sentiments than the sense of entitlement.


Justin M Ross said...

Truly, there is a special place in Hell for people who buy Rose Bowl tickets with the sole intention of profiting from them.


Matt E. Ryan said...


So consumer surplus in the non-monetary form is alright, but not if you stand to profit in money terms, i.e., I can get $400 worth of enjoyment from a $150 ticket if I go to the game, but I can't get $400 worth of income from re-selling it.

Justin Ross said...

I guess it is one of those WTP versus WTA disagreements!