Saturday, December 04, 2010

Working Paper: The Great Recession and its Aftermath from a Monetary Equilibrium Theory Perspective

Steve Horwitz links to our working paper, so I guess I should do the same. Here's the abstract:
Modern macroeconomists in the Austrian tradition can be divided into two groups: Rothbardians and monetary equilibrium (ME) theorists. It is from this latter perspective that we consider the events of the last few years. We argue that the primary source of business fluctuation is monetary disequilibrium. Additionally, we claim that unnecessary intervention in the banking sector distorted incentives, nearly resulting in the collapse of the financial system, and that policies enacted to remedy the recession and financial instability have likely made things worse. Finally, we offer our own prescription to reduce the likelihood that such a scenario occurs again by better ensuring monetary equilibrium and eliminating moral hazard.
The paper is slotted to appear in the second volume of Macroeconomic Theory and Its Failings: Alternative Perspectives on the Global Financial Crisis, edited by Steve Kates. My contribution to that volume (co-authored with Pete Boettke) can be found here.

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