Monday, February 02, 2009

California's running out of money

The latest in the annual budgetary saga that is the California state government. Note, too, the comments at the bottom of the page; they are priceless. A slice:

"Those of you who have the means and are whining about a slight delay in the state's money should be ashamed of yourselves. People's needs are not being met and you're complaining about the timing of checks? This is precisely why we have elected Obama, to appropriate the wealth in this country in accordance to a common good, rather than in in the vein of the Cheney, Bush Reagan selfish greed manifest. If you loved this country and our president, you'd tear the IOU up when you received it."

"Which brings me to the point of why the federal government doesn't simply print more money and give it the states...[a]fter all we need to save capitalism..."

You can't make this stuff up. It seems to me that comments on certain sites tend down this path, yet not on others. Are they generally news sites? Can we compile a list of hilarious comment websites?

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