Thursday, February 05, 2009

Miron on a Libertarian Stimulus Plan

Commentary here. He advocates:
  1. Repealing the Corporate Income Tax
  2. Increasing Carbon Taxes while lowering marginal tax rates
  3. Moderate growth of entitlements
  4. Eliminate wasteful spending
  5. Withdraw from Iraq & Afghanistan
  6. Limit union power
  7. Commit to free trade
  8. Expand legal immigration
  9. Stop bailing out firms
I'd lightly argue some semantics, but not the substance.


Jason O said...

Excluding #2,at least the portion about the Carbon Tax. I love this idea.

Liberty for America's sake.

Matt E. Ryan said...

Justin, you beat me to the post, and Jason, you beat me to the comment.

Matt E. Ryan said...

And upon re-reading, his reasoning for disliking unions is a bit off, in my opinion.

Otherwise, it's pretty sound to my eyes.

Justin M Ross said...

I agree, there is nothing wrong with unions per se, just government granted advantages to them. The writing came across as if it was unions in and of themselves that were the problem.

Matt E. Ryan said...

Dave and I had an enjoyable debate about unions over beer last night; there's certainly a number of ways to look their range of impacts on the labor market.