Friday, January 22, 2010

MPIs: Seen v. Unseen

Here's another news hit for the TF piece. They managed to pull one of my favorite lines from the article:
“Rather than addressing the underlying problem and encouraging growth and development primarily by reducing tax burdens across the board and removing cumbersome regulations, which is politically challenging, politicians focus on what’s easy: industry specific incentives,” said Tax Foundation Adjunct Scholar William Luther, the author of the study “Movie Production Incentives: Blockbuster Support for Lackluster Policy.”
Unfortunately, the punchline is being overlooked by legislators who cannot seem to get past the seen/unseen problem.
“I would argue that 100 percent of nothing is still nothing if they’re not coming here,” [State Senator] Haridopolos said. “The money they spend here helps our restaurants, hotels, our tourists attractions. I think it’s a good deal and the only way you get paid is after the work is completed.”
What's the problem? I mean... it is good for the glazier!

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