Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stimulus Signs

I'm enjoying especially the news stories coming out talking about particularly offbeat uses of stimulus funds, if for no other reason than they give nice ammunition for spontaneous discussion about the shortcoming of stimulus spending. That, and let's assume that the media in general feels there are worthy and unworthy uses for stimulus money-- beneficial and unbeneficial. I could take issue with that, but the end effect for me is still good-- the media sends along thing they find ridiculous, I'm always going to think they're ridiculous, so the mechanism works out. As one of the Bobs said: Problem's solved from my end!

Anyhow, here's one from CNN talking about $1 million in stimulus funding used to create signs telling Ohioans where their stimulus money is going. There's a particularly tidy nature to this specific example.

Seen any others? I'll keep 'em coming as I find them.

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Will Luther said...

I bet this is common. In VA, we have signs noting which road repairs are paid for with Stimulus dollars.