Thursday, November 06, 2008

Just Say No to ED!

Eminent Domain, that is. Fishers, a northeast suburb of Indianapolis is apparently not totalitarian enough for the taste of developers. From the Indy Star:
A developer has pulled the plug on a $100 million downtown redevelopment project and town leaders now plan to restart the process, starting with a poll of residents.


The Fishers Chamber of Commerce and town government leaders about a year ago selected Cleveland-based Fairmount Properties to begin buying 125 homes that would be torn down to make way for the development, but Fairmount had not purchased a single property by July. The lack of progress had frustrated town leaders.

“The decision to mutually terminate the development agreement was the right decision for both Fairmount and the town due to Fairmount’s concerns with acquiring the proposed properties without the town’s assistance with eminent domain,” Scott Faultless, Town Council president, said in a news release issued today. “The Town of Fishers agrees and supports Fairmount’s position to withdraw from the project.”
I have yet to see any indication from Fishers that the town leaders plan to use eminent domain. I can only guess that Ed Lopez must be nearby whispering in their ears! ;)

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