Thursday, November 20, 2008

TPS Bloggers at the SEAs

If you are attending the Southern Economic Association's annual meeting in Washington D.C. this weekend, you will find TPS at 60% of full strength. Despite being a stone's throw away, David and Emily are not on the program. [Please explain yourselves in the comments ;)]

Here is where you can find us and when:

Claudia Williamson, Saturday @ 8a.m. will present "Culture Eroded or Enriched: The Impact of Trade Openness on Culture" (with Chris Coyne).

Matt Ryan, Saturday @ 10a.m. will present "Heavy Underdog Betting in Major League Baseball, 2000-2007."

Justin Ross, Friday@ 10 a.m. will present "Are Community Arrangements with NIMBYs Undermined by School Finance Reform?"; Saturday @ 10 a.m. will present "A Brief History of State-Level Rent Seeking" (with Josh Hall); and Sunday @ 5 p.m. will present "Is National Defense a Public Good?" (with Pavel Yakovlev).


rolub said...

Looks like I wasted my D.C. trip on the Browns/Redskins game weekend, about 5 weeks too early.

David said...

I plead guilty on the grounds of Knightian Uncertainty.

Unknown said...

I am presenting my paper "Mixed-Income Housing Developments: What's Left in Neighborhood Economic Planning" on Sun @ 3:00pm. I am on the Lavoie prize panel that was not listed on the tentative schedule.