Monday, November 24, 2008

Signs I Might Be Evil II

Venezuela election edition:

Pro-Chavez candidates won the gubernatorial races in 17 of 22 states. The opposition win included the populous states of Miranda and Zulia.

"There is a categorical success," Chavez told reporters after the results were announced. "Today, it is Venezuela's victory, and it is ratified the democratic party that people have chosen."

Personally, I am happy Chavez is pulling a W here. No more of this "socialism didn't work because we didn't have enough of it" nonsense. Had Chavez had his power reduced, he would have been able to blame the coming collapse of his creation on the remaining freedoms. That opportunity is slipping away from him.

In the middle ages when poisonous blood was believed to be the cause of illness, the prescription was leeches. Leech after leech was applied and the patient would only get sicker. "Why?" the families would ask their medicine man, whom would respond "The problem is...there is still blood, we need more leeches!" Here are your leeches Chavez, go ahead and prove to the world that the illness of your country is the poisonous blood of capitalism.

I feel evil because of the people who will suffer from this, but I remind myself that the majority of them apparently voted for this medicine man. Here are your leeches.

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