Thursday, March 26, 2009

Name that process!

Justin's previous post about the Senate's investigation of the BCS touches on an issue that gets brought up here with increasing frequency-- that of Congress getting involved in a range of issues, which, in turn, crowds out their ability to influence the economy. And this is a good thing.

Well, I think we should name it.

So put properly: What would you name the situation of Congress focusing on trivial issues, thereby preventing them from harming the American economy?

I'm going to offer the Unintentionally Beneficial Congressional Sidestep, but I'm open to suggestions. Wordy, yes, but UBCS is quick to write. Maybe a better acronym could be had.


rolub said...

GUNPA: Government's Unintentionally Net Positive Activities

Or you could just eliminate "Net" for GUPA.

Anonymous said...

"Good Public Policy by Congress" or GPPC

Anonymous said...

Didn't Justin previously use something like "if it keeps them busy"? Perhaps "if it keeps them distracted" would be slightly better.

Michael Ward said...

The Lewinsky bump

Will Luther said...

Juicing the Mitchell

Justin M Ross said...

My vote goes for Juicing the Mitchell.