Monday, March 23, 2009

Statistics I don't believe

From the Becker-Posner blog:

"The Harris study also estimated that over two percent of all persons marrying between April 2006 and March 2007 were introduced through eHarmony."

Addendum: Here is more information the study.

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eHarmony Blog said...

If you ever ask Harris Interactive for more information on the studies they ran from which eHarmony based its previous “90 a day” success claim and this one — after all IF IT IS TRUE, it should be repeatable, verifiable and able to bear scrutiny — here’s how Harris Interactive would reply to you:

"Thank you for your inquiry to Harris Interactive Inc. The survey about which you are inquiring was conducted on a proprietary basis for eHarmony and any information you saw cited was released by the client.

"By legal contractual agreement, the survey and the data collected are the sole and exclusive confidential property of the client; therefore Harris Interactive is not allowed to release, publish or distribute any information regarding the survey to outside parties. We respectfully request that you contact the client directly regarding the availability of more data or information.


"Harris Interactive Inc."

Quite an “independent” study indeed, eh? VERY independent. --