Monday, June 30, 2008

Bodies refunds!

I saw this piece on CNN and enjoyed it for the most part-- it's on plastination and the increasing numbers of people signing up for the treatment for their remains after they pass. It's the process behind what you see at the Bodies shows, which I recommend if you get the chance-- I usually get a bit squirmy around stuff like this, but experienced nothing of the sort when I saw it a few months back.

However, about halfway through the article, I ran across this little ditty:

"In a settlement with the New York State Attorney General's Office, Premier Exhibitions admitted that the specimens used in "Bodies ... The Exhibit" might be victims of torture or execution from Chinese prisons. The settlement requires that Premier Exhibitions obtain proof of donor consent for specimens used in its shows. The company has also set up a fund to compensate...

...(wait for it)...

...visitors to its New York show."

Really? I mean...really? Those are the people that get compensated? And on what grounds? Dana, I'm going to need some law help on this one. Mind you, people voluntarily went to this exhibit, all that changed in their perspective is how the bodies were obtained. What does that change in terms of the experience each visitor expected and received? I'm not justifying how they obtained the bodies but...really? The visitors get compensated?

Should you get a refund to a magic show if you learn about how the tricks were performed after the fact? What about if a circus coerced any of its performers?

This one gets me.

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danarch said...

That is stupid. I don't know why they would issue refunds to just NY visitors either. I saw the show four years ago in LA and I didn't get no money. But in all seriousness, they could make the argument that the visitors would not have gone had they known the donors were not actually donors or that the only reason that NY allowed the show (and allowed money to be charged) was under the pretense that these were all donor bodies and not victims of torture or anything of the like. It's probably the easiest way for the show people to get out of a scandal like this without a lot of fuss and future damage to their brand.