Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Help Wanted: Blogger

Help wanted for blogging here at the Degrees of Freedom blog. I love the n-k-1 web address of this cite, which is very satisfying for us nerds. Here is the job description:
I'd like to expand Degrees of Freedom beyond a one person operation.

What I Get:

The ideal co-blogger would be exactly like me, and think exactly like me and write exactly like me. Well, not really. I'm looking for someone who shares the general outlook expressed here (libertarian, at least sympathetic to Austrian economics and absolute property rights, etc.) and who is willing to post at least on a weekly basis.

What You Get:

A soapbox. And (in case the thought occurred to you) a share of ad revenue, if any should ever trickle in. Don't count on this too much.

The link is still prominent on the homepage, even though it is dated for 2006 and now appears to have 2 contributors. Just trying to help the matching game in the new economy.

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