Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oranges, and nothing but

Curious line of the day, from a bit on British orange consumption:
"Seven out of ten times oranges are consumed for health reasons."
Really? What are the other three? Eating contests? Throwing them at your neighbors? If you're hungry and you eat an orange, that's a health reason to me. If it's not, then you're telling me people eat oranges one 3 out of 10 times because they're hungry? Either way, this just seems bizarre.

Also-- tangerines can't be that much quicker to peel than an orange, can they? I'm amazingly inept at peeling oranges; most young children have me in a race, and I mangle the orange in the process. I attribute this to a path dependence of starting out slowly in my peeling ability and always having someone better than me around. You'll never see anyone die an OK orange peeler-- bimodal, I'd gather.

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