Sunday, June 01, 2008

More Support for Caplan's Irrational Voter

In a commentary in TIME Magazine, Samantha Power rails against these kids today that don't get their news from paper media and inadvertently gives support for Caplan's book:
When I'm abroad these days and have to go without my newspaper, I often turn to the most e-mailed stories on news websites, which are generally opinion pieces (rather than news stories), from which I cherry-pick arguments or facts that comport with my pre-existing views. Reading this way, I rarely stray from the familiar and soothing.
The more commentaries I read, the more I think Caplan is right. By the way, TIME most definitely does not get the TPS Seal of Approval. If you are wondering why I keep reading a magazine I find so poorly written...a subscription was a gift from my Mother-In-Law for XMas.

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