Thursday, June 19, 2008

File this under: Rational Ignorance, Embarrassment of

Line of the day, from a 1988 law review article:

"A 1980 study reported that only one voter in ten claimed to know how her Representative had voted on a piece of legislation during the preceding two years, but more than two-thirds of those voters claimed to have agreed with the legislator's votes."


danarch said...

I would have to see the study and the questions on this. This easily could be taken out of context, if for instance, the voter was asked, for a specific topic where informed of the representative's vote, whether or not he agreed with said vote. More and more, as we see stupider and stupider contradictions in these surveys, I want to see the line of questioning before I'll be shocked, awed, stoked, whatever, by the outcomes.

Matt - where in the world are you right now?

Anonymous said...

I guess it would depend on whether these voters cared about who got elected. If they didn't care, then they would look irrational to those who cared about the elected one; but it would still be rational to the ones who didn't care.