Saturday, July 05, 2008

Enjoy your July!

I will be heading off to Europe for the reminder of the month of July, so I will likely not be posting at all. (And anything that does get posted will probably be pretty brief.) So here is my charge to you:

- Justin, keep us up to date on the rednecks in Bloomington.
- Dave, keep on posting once a month.
- Bryce, have fun driving across the country during the cool time of the year. I hear cats do well in cars.
- Rob, root for the A's and Joe Borowski in my stead.
- Dana, sue someone and get exceedingly familiar with the Zerg race again.
- Tom, manipulate the market for millions, then give me some to play poker with.


1 comment:

Justin M Ross said...

Have a safe trip, be sure to watch the movie Eurotrip before you go.