Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Trade is bad?

For the first time in history, at least as far as CNN is concerned, a majority of Americans feel that foreign trade is a threat to our economy. The results of the poll are here. Note that the question asks about foreign trade to the U.S., not free trade in general. (Not that it mitigates the results.)


danarch said...

They really need to have a category that also notes region. I'm sure people in Michigan or other areas more affected by outsourcing of lower level jobs are much more anti-free trade than those people in New York or other major cities. With only 1000 people in the survey to begin with, the possibility of region based skewing will grow. Matt - you do more statistics, what do you think?

Matt E. Ryan said...

I'd suspect that they draw from a regionally-unbiased pool, but you're probably right, people in regions where jobs are lost to foreign competition are likely to think that foreign trade is detrimental to them, and therefore to the economy as a whole. It would be neat if they kept stats on where the people were from-- I'm sure someone has looked at an issue like this at some point.